Thursday, December 30, 2010

Notes Server using Dropbox

I have established a Notes Server for my students in DropBox, whether ur are my students or not, ur are welcome become our member. You may download / upload the notes in the DropBox server.

If you are interest to become member but have no DropBox account, kindly press on below link to register :-

Click Here

Once you register a account with DropBox, kindly email me your email (login account) for invitation. You will be invite into the Notes Server soon.

You can choose to login DropBox via PC
PC Client -

Term and condition of using this Notes Server :-

- Not to corrupt / delete without valid reason of other members posted file as you are giving modifying authorized.

- Posting porn, virus, or files not related are strictly prohibited

- Members are allow invite other on joining without inform me, but I remain the right to reject / delete the invitation

Finally, have fun everyone

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